Art centre DeFKa was founded in 1994 and is located in Assen, the Netherlands.
It is a so-called artists’ initiative in which a number of artists, writers and philosophers work together in different arrangements.

DeFKa has set herself the task to bring dynamics in the diversity by:
Research and presentation of professional contemporary art with an experimental and innovative character.
Making links between the various artistic and reflexive disciplines (philosophic, essayistic and poetical) and therewith contribute to intrinsic renewal of art and culture.
The initiation of research into – and discussion on – relations between art and social and/or scientific practice. Sometimes by confrontation of various works of art or various artists, than again by recitals, lectures or debates to further explore views on contemporary art, or to involve cultural, scientific or social aspects.
Offer a lively platform to new talents and already established names, by which the local, national and international developments are made accessible for a broader audience.

Artists, organizations, etc., who believe to be able to add, within our aims, a valuable contribution to our program are requested to contact us.

We are also looking for flexible co-workers with strong affinity for contemporary art, who are willing to help us on a voluntary basis and for a longer period to keep the organization properly going. »

Office executives
Gert Wijlage, Adrie Krijgsman

Board members
Gert Wijlage, Willy Brugman, Guus Slauerhoff, Petri Leijdekkers

Meindert Doornbos, Elga Muller, Bert Naarding

Financial support
Since 1994 DeFKa has received support from:
Gemeente Assen, Provincie Drenthe, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Mondriaan Foundation, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, SNS REAAL fonds, Beringer Hazewinkel Fonds and private supporters.

In 2005 the Hanzehogeschool Groningen/Academie Minerva/Frank Mohr Instituut en DeFKa have signed an official partnership.

On various exhibitions and projects DeFKa works together with local, regional and national institutions, with artists’ initiatives and individual artists. A small selection from the past years:
Theatre De Kolk (Assen), Filmliga (Assen), Filmstad (Den Haag), TBA/Montevideo (Amsterdam), PlaneT Art (Hengelo), VAV Rietveld (Amsterdam), Drents Museum (Assen), CBK Drenthe, Public Library Assen, Ned. Genootschap voor Esthetica (Amsterdam), GaDeWe (Bremen), Het Noodzakelijk Zwijgen (Flanders - Belgium)